The beginning …

Marketing campaign British Library July 2012It’s almost 2013. I’m about to embark on a challenging year personally & professionally, and this is going to be my key online space to focus some of my professional energies so that I can keep track along the way.

2013. It’s my year to explore. It’s my year to make things happen. It’s my year to spend time online more publicly.

I’m committed to spending the next 12 months playing with ideas, making links, finding solutions, networking with others, exploring the “what if” questions that fizz in my head, pulling apart the audacious ideas, putting them back together again.

I won’t find time to explore *everything* that fizzes in my head (there’s way too much going on in there for that to even be possible in one lifetime!), so the goal is to pick one key idea or theme each month during 2013 and focus on it. I’ll take time to unravel it, re-purpose it, tease it out, and just see what comes about by the end of the month’s focus.

My measures of success are

  • 12 topics explored,
  • at least 50 posts by 31 December 2013, and
  • a larger professional network of folks across GLAM and education sectors (on Twitter and on email).

At the beginning of 2014, I’ll be able to look back on this blog and reflect on where the journey took me over the months of 2013.