How to make the one card system work across NZ

Computer Image So, what would it take to make the one card happen across NZ?

  • commitment by all libraries to clean up their existing customer databases
  • consistent collection of customer data
  • consistent debt collection measures
  • agreement about who holds the centralised database & maintains back-ups and provides tech support.
  • agreement of what types of ID is needed to join a library

So how likely is this to happen?

We’d need some serious commitment for folks to make this happen.

Commitment of time. Commitment of future collaboration. Commitment to work together.

Well, if someone came up with the proposed information, circulated it, got agreement, and then set a deadline, it could happen.

But how likely is it?

What are the benefits?

Why would people agree to it?

I figure it is like anything collaborative, you have to reach a point that you are all happy to work towards.

Some of the benefits 

  • Reduction of inefficiency & duplication = Cost savings.
  • Increased data collection on library patron usage = Advocacy.
  • Free up staff time for more interesting initiatives = Skills utilisation.
  • Freedom for customers, to be able one and many libraries to their hearts content = Growth.


  • Resistance from staff.
  • Resistance from local authorities.
  • Need to reach agreement to one set of core data collection standards.
  • Time.

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