So who do I need to lobby to make it happen?

So who are the people that *could* make one card across NZ happen?

  • APLM
  • Pub-Sig
  • National Library of New Zealand

And the most important advocate for this to actually happen … ?

  • the people who actually work in public libraries!

But how likely is it to happen?

I haven’t found any instances of anywhere else in the the world where there is one public library card across a whole country, or even a whole state within a country.

It seems that public libraries started out small, relied on the local government/funding authority boundaries and stuck to that.

But that said, Auckland Libraries made it happen, merging 7 former city councils into one super city council. It didn’t happen overnight, and the work on a shared library system to support a shared card (My Card) actually started out with a shared catalogue (ELGAR) many years earlier, but it shows that it can happen. It might just depend on proving the value achieved through having a shared card …


3 thoughts on “So who do I need to lobby to make it happen?

    • Kia ora Sally.

      While I’d seriously love to see one card across NZ happen, I am not sure that it will, despite Kōtui becoming a reality. I still sense some resistance towards Kōtui & other NL initiatives.

      Thanks for the link about the South Australia’s one card – I didn’t find it in my travels, so am off to take a look 😉 Maybe it’ll give me hope to revisit this idea …

      • Kōtui may not be the solution but I think it might be the catalyst for public libraries to band together and strongly advocate for one library card to local government. Possible? Yes. Likely? Only if there is some significant disruption to ‘the way we do things around here’.

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