Great timing – new articles in NZLIMJ Vol 53. Issue No 1

I’m thrilled to see two articles in this month’s NZLIMJ (Vol 53. Issue 1) addressing issues specifically Māori related, which “arise from the need to acknowledge the needs of Māori customers.” As editor Dr Brenda Chawner points out, “there are some aspects of living and working in New Zealand that add new dimensions to what we do“.


This is one of the key reasons why I think the issue of bilingualism in New Zealand’s LIS and GLAM sectors is so critical.

Alastair Smith presents an in-depth examination of the challenges of searching for Te Reo on the Web, noting that whether macrons are used on web pages, and how this is interpreted by search engines, will affect search results.

Spencer Lilley has looked at the extent to which public library websites provide resources for their Māori customers, finding that while some do this very well, there is room for improvement, particularly in the use of Te Reo on the website, and in the ways in which Māori collections are described.

Quoted from the editorial “Distinctively New Zealand?” by Dr Chawner.

Ka pai. For me, this is a great end to an interesting month-long look at the issue of bilingualism, official languages, Te Reo Māori, NZSL, making languages a compulsory part of training. It’s also given me plenty of ideas for future research topics!


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