Groundswell of New Professionals in NZ

2013 might be a real turning point for many of us here in NZ Library Land with a rising interest in a New Professionals network.

There’s been plenty of recent discussions on Twitter, in LIANZA’s Library Life and on various blogs. A contingent of Kiwis recently attended the 6th New Librarians’ Symposium (NLS6) in Brisbane and came back fizzing with ideas – me included. I haven’t yet caught up on all my notes & networks & ideas from NLS6, so I’m determined to keep the momentum going by capturing it here.

And there’s plenty of ground to explore – IFLA’s NPSig, ALIA’s New Grads network, ALIA’s NGAC. I’m also interested in what “new professional” means for other industries, and how are they supported by the wider industry.

Abigail Willemse has put the call out for NZers to join in the New Professionals discussion, with an initial Skype meeting set for Thursday March 14th at 7:30pm. The Twitter hashtag is #NewProfNZ.

So this month is all about the rise of the New Professionals.

*Update 2/3 – there’s also a blog set up for New Professionals NZ.



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