From the quiet comes my voice : finding the path

In April 2013 I did not blog.

As the end of March 2013 loomed, I panicked. Too many ideas. Not enough focus.

So, I consciously chose not to blog.

I let the noises echo in my head. I let my heart swell with passion. I let the sparks explode.

I waited for the fizz to settle. The distillation that occurs with quietness.

I stepped back. I stopped pushing. I breathed. I closed my eyes. I listened. I dreamt.

And the path of the next journey lit up before me.

Over the next 3 months, May, June & July 2013, I will focus my attention on two of my #library passions :

  • #customers
  • #collections

Framing *most* of my posts will be #metrics. Shaping my posts will be a self-imposed #atozchallenge inspired by @flexnib. #26ideas about customers & collections. And, purely because they’re #beautiful, I will plumb the gorgeous depths of Daily Drop Cap for #alphabet inspiration.


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