Be noisy : get noticed

NNo publicity is bad publicity, right?

Make mistakes, make them publicly.

Solve problems, solve them publicly.

Tell the right people. Tell the wrong people. What’s the difference?

Ask yourself the following questions, and work out if you can live with the possible answers.

What if … you admitted that you spend more money on staff than anyone else in your industry?

What if … you proved that investing in your staff was worth it?

What if … you removed all staff training from the budget?

What if … you doubled your staff training budget?

What if … you stopped subscribing to all print magazines?

What if … you publicly endorsed digital-only subscriptions?

What if … next year you didn’t buy any replacement copies?

What if … next year you asked your customers to spend 20% of the budget?

What if … you dropped all fines?

What if … you offer an amnesty for all outstanding books and fines?

What if … you extended your borrowing periods?

What if … you stopped collecting & supporting dead formats?

What if … you opened earlier or later than you currently do?

Seek out the answers. Find yourself in the newspapers. Step up publicly. Be interviewed on radio. Shout from the rooftops. Star on TV.

Invite debate. Be noisy. Get noticed.


2 thoughts on “Be noisy : get noticed

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