Round-up for June 2013

So what’s the outcome for June 2013?

I’ve found the second month more challenging, as I’ve found myself having to take a different slant on some topics that I had already blogged about in May 2013. Not wanting to repeat myself, I’ve found that I have thought further ahead on the upcoming letters, explored different ideas, discarded some & developed others, and I have also searched further afield for potential adjectives to use each time. 

I’ve found myself coming back to the key theme of having conversations with customers again & again, as a crucial & critical part of what we do as librarians, to create customer-centric libraries, collections & services. And yet, I find it harder & harder to find examples of people actually talking about the conversations that they are having with their communities.

Is it that we just do it as a matter of course, and we don’t talk about it?

Is it that we don’t do it, therefore, we don’t actually have anything to share?

I was cheered to see Senga White’s recent post about the conversations she’s been having with her customers, and how it is challenging her to find new ways of working. I want to find more examples of these types of conversations, from librarians who are making changes to their professional practice as a result on discussions with customers.


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