Be x : find the treasure


Take a moment to picture a pirate’s treasure map.

Which letter is typically used to mark the spot of the buried treasure?


What if … you viewed your library as an X?

A treasured place. A space to hide treasure. A place to discover treasure. A space to create treasure. A place to learn about treasure. A space to share treasure. A place to leave treasure. A space to find treasure.

What if … you hid geocaches within your library?

What if … you re-configured your Reader’s Advisory approach as a discovery of treasures?

What if … you re-imagined your physical layout as a treasure map, leading the way to incalculable riches?

What if … your annual community day *always* featured a treasure hunt?

What if … you re-developed your membership pack to present a library card as a ticket to untold treasures? A Golden Ticket à la Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.

What if … you re-named your recent returns to “customer recommendations” to allow others to discover the treasures?

What if … you asked “is this truly a treasure?” when weeding your collections?

What if … you randomly picked a digital collection item that would generate a winning “ticket” with a reward for the next customer?

What if … you started to believe in the magic of hidden treasure?


4 thoughts on “Be x : find the treasure

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    • Hi Andrew. Cool to hear that you are using geocaches in your library to promote hidden treasures. I haven’t heard for too many folks doing it … yet, but those that I have heard of are working well to generate interest within their community. I’d be keen to see more. And it is cool to read about people getting into this as a “hobby” – like @madradish’s post (with reference to your ALIA talk!). I’m still on the hunt to find out if anyone in NZ is doing this.

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