Missing out the month of August

Well it has indeed been over a month since I wrote up a post for this blog. August disappeared into a blogging blackhole!

Despite all good intentions, August turned into a month where “life happened”. I had a busy month, finishing one job, accepting another job, moving from the South Island & back to the North Island, and all the associated things with setting up a new home (packing, unpacking, new utility accounts, mail redirection, insurance). As well as MOOCs, Heroes Mingle future project plotting with Sally, promotions for ILN, and just getting my head around actually leaving my life in Christchurch *again* .

As for the #newlib MOOC, despite only completing two blog posts about it, I did in fact consume the rest of the content for the course, but I didn’t blog about it, and I didn’t engage with others about it. The content was great, but I found the sheer number of people in the MOOC overwhelming, and given how busy I was offline, it isn’t a surprise that I didn’t make the time to engage with others in the MOOC. It was the same with the other MOOC I was participating in, Maps & the Geospatial Revolution through Cousera, I consumed the content (and learnt a stackload of cool stuff – I am a map geek at heart), but didn’t engage with the other participants.

I’m now enrolled in another library-focused MOOC – #hyperlibMOOC.  It’s a limited MOOC, with only 400 participants. The timeframe is also longer, 12 weeks instead of 5 weeks as per #newlibMOOC. Another opportunity to be part of the MOOC phenomenon. This time my goal is to actually actively engage with other participants! Given that it is a core component of the course, then I guess it will be in my best interests to do so!

However, I won’t be blogging much here about my #hyperlibMOOC experiences, as creating a blog is also part of that MOOC, and this blog is more for exploring fizzy ideas. And the one that I am going to focus on for September is …


There’s a couple of reasons why I want to explore this topic a little more.

I am the NZ country coordinator for a peer mentoring program – International Librarians Network (ILN).

I have had a professional mentor previously, and am wondering if now is the time to seek out another one.

I am also wondering whether or not I could apply be a mentor in the formal LIANZA program for new grads.

What is the value of a mentor, for both the mentor and the person being mentored? How is it different from a PLN? Where do mentors connect? Where is the line between formal vs. informal mentor contact? And how does one begin & end a mentor relationship?

So with that in mind, I am going to explore what being a mentor, being mentored and the intrinsic value of mentoring means to me during September. Let’s see what happens from there …


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