Wear a Cape Wednesday #wacw

You know how sometimes you need a little pick-me-up to get you through a trying day?

Wear a Cape Wednesday was created for that exact reason.

The days when it all seems too damn hard to fight against the negativity, the apathy, the stupidity around you. The days when you have a calendar full of scary intimidating back-to-back meetings. The days when you are not sure you can face someone moaning about how they just don’t get Twitter or Facebook, again. The days when you wish you could crawl back under the blankets and avoid the world. The days when you think, “really, it’s only Wednesday, why can’t it be Friday?!”.

I’ve had a pretty rough few years personally & professionally since I was rendered homeless by the February 2011 Canterbury Earthquake. Not surprisingly, the impact of a life filled with instability and constant limbo, where the goal posts seemed to shift every five minutes & any decisions I had control over were a choice of “rock vs. hard place”, was starting to take its toll, and it manifested itself in my attitude at work.

Despite endless telephone battles with EQC, lack of sleep, frustrations at work, flatting with strangers, moving cities, changing jobs, juggling rent & a mortgage, it wasn’t fair to bring all my anger at the universe to my workplace. I was still being paid to do my job, and part of being a team is to turn up & be present, and contribute to the team. It wasn’t my colleagues’ fault that the rest of my life was so damn hard. I really needed something to help me battle the world, to help me stop my real life bleeding into my work life.

Some people put on sparkly shoes. Some people put on bright red lipstick. Some people get a triple-shot low-fat caramel frappé. Some people go for a run. Some people call in sick. Some people meditate. Some people have affirmations. Some people put on their “don’t mess with me face”.

Me? I put on an invisible cape.

Yes, that’s right.  I put on an invisible cape. Every Wednesday,

I choose the colour, the fabric, the theme for my cape. It’s my superpower. It’s my invisible force-field to help me face the day.

Yes it’s frivolous. Yes it’s cheesy. Yes it’s slightly odd. I also collect Hawaiian shirts, so invisible capes aren’t that much of a stretch really. Invisible capes are much easier to match with what you are wearing than a Hawaiian shirt, and they are also a very cheap weekly pick-me-up.

My invisible cape on a Wednesday has helped me through some incredibly challenging times these past few years. There is a saying, “whatever gets you through”. Well, Wear a Cape Wednesday gets me through.

It’s my personal reminder to get out of bed, put one foot in front of the other, face the world, to bring my best attitude to work. Turn up, be present & be engaged. All the while wearing an invisible superhero cape.

I have a group of friends who’ve adopted Wear a Cape Wednesday as well. We’ve got a better Twitter hashtag now too #wacw#wearacapewednesday takes up too many precious Twitter characters!

So if you ever see me on a Wednesday, be aware that I am indeed wearing a cape. And I will get through the day with a smile on my face.


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