Making the effort to get up early for #makerspace online session

Despite not being at my best in the early hours of the morning, I managed to get up just before 5am on Wednesday 15 October 2013, make coffee & eventually got into the online session The Library as Makerspace by Kristin Fontichiaro, which was part of the Connected Librarians Day 2013. My tech troubleshooting skills at 5am are not brilliant, but I persevered.

It did make for an awfully early start on a work day, but it was *so* worth being there for the live event. Being in a virtual space with other enthusiastic people sharing their experiences, and seeing what is possible for #makerspaces, was awesome.

Overwhelmingly, it was evident that #makerspaces are all about the community involvement. It is about being where the community is at, at whatever point that is. It is also crucial to see the #makerspace through your community’s eyes, putting yourself in their shoes in the space.

I was reminded that it isn’t all about the sparkly tech, it’s also about the “low tech” of what we would have traditionally seen as library “craft” events, like origami, but that it is about building on where your community is at.

I loved the anecdote about the “adult” (traditionally seen as the teacher role) who asked the “child” (traditionally seen as the learner role) to teach him about Scratch – learning through the eyes of a child, find out what it was that he thought were the most important things to teach the adult about Scratch.  For me, this clearly demonstrated that the expectations of who is a teacher and who is a learner are no longer strictly defined as they once were – flipped learning at its very best.

Kristin shared a great infographic shared in the session – linked in the following tweet:

I’m an advocate of making the effort to be in the live event, it is such a ‘sparky’ place to be, the conversation, the ideas, the ‘aha’ moments. I know it is not always possible, but for me, it is really where the magic happens. My colleagues might disagree, as I was probably far too enthusiastic all day, but it was a great feeling to start the day feeling so inspired. The recording of the event is here.


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