Future dreaming Part IV #libraryfutures

How will I make a difference?

For me, changing the world and influencing the future starts firmly with me. If I want my current & future world to be a certain way, then I have to take responsibility to contribute to creating the reality that I want to be part of. I can’t change other people’s minds by dictating what they should do, but in being the best of myself, then I can demonstrate how it is for me.

In sharing my experiences, telling my stories, and behaving in ways that demonstrate who I am shows others how I want the world to be, how I expect to ‘be’ in the world and how I am contributing to the collective experience.

By enacting change within my sphere of influence, I create a ripple effect. While my immediate sphere of influence may be small, the people in my networks are connected to other networks, which connect to other people who I haven’t met. I can plant seeds of ideas. I can talk about my worldview. I can encourage others by demonstrating how it can be. I can ask for help. I can invite people to be part of my journey. I don’t have to change the whole world, but I can change my world. Small steps, taken with a tribe of people, turns into a long & exciting journey.

My frustrations with organisations & institutions used to make me feel despondent. Eventually I realised that while change can be enacted from within established systems, sometimes stepping away from well-worn path and doing things differently outside of those established constraints can be another way to achieve change. There’s no doubt that taking the different path is also scary & uncertain, but sometimes it feels like the only way to stay true to my beliefs.

Disruption of established norms is only going to become more & more frequent in the coming years, from education to industry, from family structures to societal rituals. Change & diversity are the new constants.

How we as librarians fit into the constantly changing world is something to be seen. While I don’t truly know if we are really ready to forge a collective path as facilitators of knowledge creation within our societies (à la Atlas of New Librarianship),  I do know that is a reality that I would like to be part of. So if that really is the change I want to see in the world of librarianship, then I will need to create that as *my* reality.

I can create ripples of change in my sphere of influence by ensuring that my story of librarianship is told, that my experiences are shared, and that my aspirational goals for the profession can have strong foundations based in the influence I can create in my here & now.

How am I contributing to the future of the profession?


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