There’s plenty of ideas fizzing around, so this is somewhere for me to “park” them for a while. I’ll keep adding & updating throughout 2013 to capture the many tangents I ponder on – it’s really a “note to self” kind of page.

  • Mobile libraries – go where the people are
  • Mentoring schemes – outside/inside professional schemes September 2013
  • Ask your users to be your staff – active recruitment for the staff you want to have in your library
  • Training & Development – in-house vs. outsourced, grow the team you want to have
  • Professional Development – take responsibility for your own PD March 2013
  • Transferable skills – crossing over the library/GLAM sector March 2013
  • non-library PD – look outside the sector for inspiration March 2013
  • one public library card for all – NZ is small, why not work together? January 2013
  • no more Dewey & outdated LC subject headings – so many limitations, what is the alternative? MSH shows a new way to provide meaningful access.
  • GLAM Slam
  • marae = library
  • NZSL/Te Reo Māori – promoting official languages February 2013
  • Family History – courses, professional development, NZSG, uni courses
  • Children’s & Young Person’s Literature – growing the talent base of CYP Librarians, public & school
  • New Librarians & New Professionals March 2013

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