Be explicit : say what you mean, mean what you say.

ELet’s be role models for clear communication.

Use plain language. Use one word instead of three or four. No jargon. No terms that need a footnote to explain them. Find a way to explain “library concepts” in everyday language. Active voice. Short sentences. Bullet points. Concise statements.

State #why you collect. State #what & #how you collect. State #who you serve. Use everyday language to ensure that your customers, your staff, your funders and your peers (i.e. other libraries) clearly know where you stand. No ifs, no buts. Clear statements of intent.

What if … your Donations statement said “We accept any printed book published in the last two years and in excellent condition.”

What if … your Collections statement said “We buy digital resources, and will only consider physical copies if no digital option is available.”

What if … your Weeding statement said “We withdraw all textbooks published more than five years ago.”

What if … your Collections statement said “We only purchase resources that support current research outputs. We will borrow materials from other libraries to support non-research outputs.”

Excited. Educated. Extraordinary. Enjoyable. Educational. Eager.  Extreme. Elegant. Energetic.