Future dreaming Introduction #libraryfutures

This topic is going to be a challenge to explore cohesively. I have had so many disparate ideas jumbled in my head for a while now, fizzing away & bubbling over. I am going to attempt to put some comprehension around them. Over the past week I have had several conversations that have inspired me to try and make sense of these slightly out-of-reach ideas that haven’t quite fully connected, yet.

For the remainder of this month, I am going to put on my future-looking glasses and switch on the dreaming lens. I am going to explore what I want the future to be, and what I am actively doing to influence & shape the future of libraryland.

Resources for #makerspaces via #hyperlibMOOC

Ironically, this week’s Module for #hyperlibMOOC is all about Creation Culture. So, instead of repeating what has already been so eloquently listed & shared, I’ll just add the link so you can check out all the great resources + links + video lecture from Michael Stephens.

I will repeat the quote from Cory Doctorow, “Libraries and Makerspaces: a match made in heavenBoing Boing :

“Public libraries have always been places where skilled information professionals assisted the general public with the eternal quest to understand the world.”

Community is key #makerspace

I am thrilled to see the following two articles relating to #makerspaces (thanks @sallyheroes for sharing).

Community is Key to Successful Library Maker Spaces | The Digital Shift 2013

Make it @ your library website launches, connecting librarians with makerspace projects and DIY resources | ALA

I have thoroughly learning about & exploring ideas related to #makerspaces during October 2013. Makerspaces can happen. Makerspaces will happen. The key ingredient? Community.

Celebrating the #makerspace philosophy

I’ve been heartened to read widely & be inspired by the philosophies & ideas that underpin the #makerspace movement. Here’s just a selection of great stories that capture some of this:

And the most exciting part of this past month is seeing #makerspace and #libraries becoming a reality here in New Zealand!

For me, the #makerspace movement celebrates the power of the community – it allows the community to make the space into what they want it to be, how they want it to be, why they want to the space. Libraries & librarians acting as facilitators: we can tap into funding, we can open up the spaces, then we walk alongside our communities to share in the joy of creation. Our communities are the heart of all of this.

Making the effort to get up early for #makerspace online session

Despite not being at my best in the early hours of the morning, I managed to get up just before 5am on Wednesday 15 October 2013, make coffee & eventually got into the online session The Library as Makerspace by Kristin Fontichiaro, which was part of the Connected Librarians Day 2013. My tech troubleshooting skills at 5am are not brilliant, but I persevered.

It did make for an awfully early start on a work day, but it was *so* worth being there for the live event. Being in a virtual space with other enthusiastic people sharing their experiences, and seeing what is possible for #makerspaces, was awesome.

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