Be flexible : adapt, respond, change.

FCollections & customers do not exist in a vaccuum. All manner of things change to affect why you collect, and why your customers access your collection. The only constant is change.

How flexible are you to respond to ongoing change?

Review your collection statements annually. Make sure that they are still fit for purpose. Make sure the language is accessible. Overhaul your collection policies every three to five years. Technology changes, research outputs change, funding changes, customers change.

What if … you asked new staff members to read your policy statements? Would you listen to their feedback?
What if … you asked your students to write your purpose statement? How closely would it match the language that you use?

Review your customer base annually. Are there specific groups that no longer access your library? Or do they access it differently? Overhaul your customer database every two years. Remove non-active users from your membership database OR actively bring them back to the library.

What if … you let customers know that you were going to cancel the membership, and asked why they stopped using the library? Would you seriously consider what factors influence non-users?
What if … you sent an email saying “We miss you. We haven’t seen you around in a while. Is there anything we can do to see you again?” and offer users to remove themself from the database (like an un-subscribe opt-out).

What matters most for your customers : the journey or the destination? Are you walking alongside them or watching from the sidelines? Be flexible & respond to change.

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