Be brave : get rid of it.

BBe brave. Draw a line in the sand. Look at all the formats – physical & digital. Technology changes. Needs change. Lead the way. Dump the old formats. Lose the crap.

So, you’ve already stopped collecting formats that are dying technology? Next step is to throw out all the dead formats you still hold!

What if … we get rid of all the vinyl, DAT tapes, cassettes, videos, CDs, DVDs?

Let’s give this stuff away. Recycle it. Sell it. Make art from it. But let’s not waste time, energy & space on it anymore. Find another way. Stop wasting shelf space. Stop wasting server space. Stop wasting cataloguing & processing time. Pointless busy work.

If the content is *really* important and of value to our customers, but the format is dead or dying, then let’s find a way to transfer the content, to upgrade it to a stable, usable & accessible format.

Find the money for digitising microfiche & microfilm. Lobby the vendors to create a digital version. Make a Kickstarter campaign (such as the one which will reprint the Uncle Books).

I’ve heard the arguments – not everyone has access to new technology. I know the arguments – it’s not environmentally responsible to throw it all away. I just don’t agree with the arguments.

Find another way. Format shouldn’t dictate the content. Provide better access to the content. Find another way.

Be brave. Get rid of it. Strive for better for our customers. We all deserve better. And there are others doing it better than us.

What if … we told our customers to support the local businesses who are format focussed? Find the best record store in town (hint – Slow Boat Records) and encourage your customers to go there instead.

What if … we embedded & promoted NZ On Screen instead of collecting NZ CDs & DVDs for the Music Department?

Bold. Bodacious. Brutal. Beneficial. Better. Big. Bizarre. Brawny. Boundless.