Be yodeling : celebrate what shouldn’t work


Sometimes the things you least expect to work do in fact exceed your expectations.

If I said “I’ve got tickets for tonight’s comedy folk act, want to join me?”, you might respond “not in a million years”.

Because, as Paul Horan wrote, “On paper, yodeling lesbian twins don’t really work.” And yet, the Topp Twins work (bet you wish you’d said yes to the show tickets now don’t you?). Another Kiwi folk duo, Flight of the Conchords, probably shouldn’t work either, but they do. Neither are what you would call mainstream acts, and that is possibly the reason why they do work. They aren’t aiming for middle-of-the-road, guaranteed-to-work shows. They are quirky and unexpected.

What if … you made a list of all the crazy “it’ll never work” ideas? Then ask ‘why not’. Are you comfortable the answers? Instead of focusing on why something shouldn’t work, why not just focus on why & how it could work? Then make it happen.

What if … you had a borrowable telescope? Ann Arbor District Library does.

What if … you checked out musical instruments? Lopez island Library does.

What if … you could check out a garden allotment? LibraryFarm exists.

What if … you could spark conversations & encouraging reminiscing amongst older members of your community? Ann Arbor District Library offers a range of different themed kits to do this.

What if … you offered programmes for 20-30 year olds? Sacramento Public Library does.

What if … you created a collaborative space for artists & librarians? Library as Incubator exists.

For more ideas & inspiration, check out the Pew Internet article on Innovative library services “in the wild”. Make sure you yodel while you read it.