Be driven : make things happen.

DAssess the risk. Accept the risk. Good enough is good enough. Do things.

Move the collection. Re-shape the collection. Hand-sell the collection. Remove the collection. Invent the collection. Share the collection.

Try. Fail. Try. Fail. Tweak. Fail. Do.

Listen & respond to what our customers tell us about bad service, bad collections, bad layouts. Be driven to make it better. Find that fire in the belly to drive the awesome to happen.

I am a consumer of many things. My money, my feet and my clicks are my choice. What choices do we offer our customers? Are they good, bad or ugly? Be driven to ensure that bad & ugly choices are not commonplace.

Maybe we could take some cues from the Entrepreneur & Start-up communitities.

Oh wait, there’s some amazing people who have already found the drive to do stuff  …

Different. Diverse. Dynamic. Dorky. Dedicated. Desirable. Dangerous. Daring.